Installment Loans for Bad Credit

Can I Get an Installment Loan with Bad Credit?

Installment Loans for Bad Credit

What is Installment Loans for Bad Credits?

The credit score determined by the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) a borrower having a score under 670 can be declared as a bad credit score holder. The borrower must go through a checking process of credit history by the lender before approving any installment loan. The lender can fix a scheduled loan-term in which the borrower is bound to repay his or her installments. Both genuine online and offline installment loan options are available in the market for borrowers who have a bad credit score. Due to his or her bad credit score, the borrower might face a higher rate of interest. Among all the loan options for bad credit holders, installment loans are not the best ones. For example, a payday loan can be more beneficial for them as it includes more interesting terms.

Common Features Of Installment Loans For Bad Credits

What is Considered Bad Credit?

The installment loans for bad credit options can be better or more interesting if the borrower has an impressive credit background. On the other hand, a bad credit score can hamper the interest rate and loan term. Here a list has been provided that includes credit score ranges and ratings.

Credit Score


300-579 Very Poor
580-669 Fair
670-739 Good
740-799 Very Good
800-850 Exceptional

If the borrower belongs from the low credit side then he or she might find difficulties in approving a personal loan. Because in such a case the borrower seems risky to the lender who may not repay the loan on time. But it can be said that the credit score is not enough to judge the borrower or stopping him or her from getting an installment loan. It just can determine the loan terms.

Comparing Installment Loans

It can be noted that all the installment loans for bad credit have different terms and policies whether the borrower has a perfect or imperfect credit score. For this reason, it is important to be compared to all the options available in the lending market. Then the borrower should pay attention to the below discussion.


The higher rate of interest may force the borrower to be repaid for a long period. But the borrower can get fortunate choices such as Advance America that offers small dollar installment loans for all types of credit score holders. Here the borrower can get various featured loans that can match his or her requirements.


It can be considered that if the borrower has to pay for long-term then he or she can get a lower monthly installment. On the different hand, a shorter loan term can offer the borrower a beneficial interest rate.

Lender Reliability

There are many reliable installment loans for bad credit in the market. Therefore it could be a great idea to make some research regarding ratings and reviews of the lender before getting the facilities from them. Since 1997 Advance America provides installment loans to poor credit holders. This lending brand has earned countless happy customers along with an A+ customer rating. Using such a brand can be beneficial to the borrowers to save money and speed up the funding in the comparison with other lenders.


The lender can charge the borrower an additional charge on any missed or late repayment. Advance America is one of the most reliable and renowned service providers of installment loans for bad credit. Both good and bad credit can include regular interest-bearing loans and a flat fee.

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