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What is US Bank Home Mortgage?

If anyone wishes to buy a home but has issues in financing then he or she can approach a mortgage loan which is a secured loan. US Bank is one of the most renowned and reliable banks in the nation that offers interesting loan terms in the mortgage. In this loan, borrowers should pledge any type of property or real estate as a guarantee against the mortgage loan. It can be assumed from the reviews of their happy customers that they would like to recommend this financial brand to their relatives and friends who seek mortgage loans in the upcoming period.

Compare Mortgage Options And Get The Best Choice – US Bank Home Mortgage

Customer Service and Mortgage Servicing

It can be noted from the consumer reviews that US Bank Home Mortgage has an overall reputed impression over its borrowers as they always maintain quality in their services. Apart from that, US Bank has earned one of the topmost positions in the US mortgage industry in recent decades. It can be due to the reason that the concerned organization offers one of the lowest interest rates among all the lenders in the nation’s financing sector.

Mortgage-Related Complaints at Major Banks, 2013-2017

Company Mortgage Organizations CFPB Complaints Ratio 2017 JD Power Rating
US Bank 642,956 4,667 0.73% 770
Chase 984,000 14,778 1.56% 764
Wells Fargo 2,155,222 25,182 1.17% 745
Bank of America 1,172,113 28,187 2.40% 767

After considering the complaint data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), three of US Bank’s larger competitors have charged with higher rate related complaints in mortgage services. Although it seemed to be hard to recognize the US Bank’s quantity as a clear sign of mortgage services. This can be due to the large geographical area that is covered by US Bank with their services. That’s why the organization has introduced budding contrasts in customer behaviour. To get a clear knowledge of the real reason behind mortgage complaints of US Bank there is a need to compare state-by-state as the concerned bank provides their services in a larger portion across the nation.

Mortgage Loan Products at US Bank

Here is a comparison between the most reputed lenders in the US that offers different facilities and options. The below chart includes FHA (Federal Housing Administration) mortgage for the sake of the people who wants to purchase a mortgage loan with a lower down payment and adaptable rate to plan or refinance mortgage.

Mortgage Product Interest Rate APR
30-year fixed conventional 3.88% 3.95%
30-year fixed FHA 3.63% 4.68%
15-year fixed conventional 3.25% 3.37%
15-year fixed FHA 3.63% 4.70%
10-year ARM 3.50% 3.71%
5-year ARM 3.13% 3.76%

US Bank Home Mortgages options have diversified into construction and investment schemes. Most of the homebuyers seek for a loan to be secured for a long period. The brand feels great as it helps people to build their dream or purchase an investment. On the different hand, the bank also provides jumbo loans, which include a more comforting loan limit to the borrowers.

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